Review 2023: Is Legit or a Scam

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at, a newly launched platform that enables users to earn money through daily trades.

We’ll cover various aspects of the platform, including its legitimacy, referral program, registration process, login procedures, withdrawal options, and more.

What is review is a recently established platform designed to provide users with an opportunity to earn daily income by executing trades.

Upon registering on the platform, users receive a complimentary $15 for testing purposes, which can be used to execute trades.

For those interested in executing more trades, subscriptions can be purchased by depositing funds into the platform.

The higher the subscription amount, the more trades can be executed, ultimately leading to increased earnings.

Users have the option to earn money by referring others to join the platform using their unique referral link.

How does work?

To begin utilizing,, users are given $15 as a starting point for executing trades upon registration.

If users wish to engage in additional trades, they must purchase one of the available subscriptions by depositing funds into the platform.

The subscription amount determines the number of trades that can be executed, directly influencing potential earnings.

Users can also earn money by inviting others to join the platform using their referral link. Subscriptions. review offers various subscription plans that users can invest in, each providing a different number of trades.

The available subscription plans are as follows:

  • $50 Subscription: Includes 150 trades
  • $100 Subscription: Includes 400 trades
  • $150 Subscription: Includes 500 trades
  • $300 Subscription: Includes 1,000 trades
  • $500 Subscription: Includes 2,000 trades Referral Program

In addition to executing trades, users can earn money by referring others to join the platform through their unique referral link.

By inviting others, users can receive 7% of their referral’s deposit amount as a commission. Withdrawal Process

Users can request withdrawals from their account once they have reached the minimum withdrawal amount of $3.

To initiate a withdrawal, users must specify the desired amount and provide their USDT TRC20 wallet address.  regurgitation


To register on, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website:
  • Input your desired username, email address, password, phone number, and country.
  • Click “SIGN UP” to complete the registration.

To log in to your account, follow these steps:

  • Enter your registered username.
  • Provide your password.

Is Legit?

As a platform launched in 2023, is relatively new, and there isn’t enough information available to definitively determine its legitimacy.

Please only invest funds that you can afford to lose, as unforeseen circumstances can impact investments.

Based on the available information, there is no evidence to suggest that is a scam but The CEO of is currently unknown.

We encourage readers to share their personal reviews and experiences in the comment section.

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Thank you for reading this review of, focusing on its legitimacy and potential as an income-generating platform.

It is essential to exercise caution when investing in any platform and conduct thorough research to mitigate risks.

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