Stepworks Review: Is Stepworkstime Crashed or Still Paying?

In this review, we will delve into various aspects of Stepworkstime to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the platform, including its launch, ownership, and how it operates.

We will also discuss the current status of Stepworkstime and whether it is still paying its users.

In the world of online platforms that promise to pay users for completing tasks, Stepworks has gained significant attention.

However, recently there has been speculation about whether Stepworkstime is still paying or if it has crashed.

Stepworkstime Launch: When Did It Begin?

Stepworkstime was launched on February 28, 2021. The domain name is set to expire on February 28, 2022, but it can be updated for additional years.

This relatively new platform gained popularity quickly due to its promise of allowing users to earn commissions by completing tasks from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Ownership of Stepworkstime: Anonymity and Reasons Behind It

The owner of Stepworkstime remains anonymous. The decision to hide the owner’s identity is likely driven by concerns about potential legal repercussions, such as being sued or fined if the platform were to scam users.

While anonymity may raise some doubts about the platform’s legitimacy, it is not uncommon for online platforms to withhold ownership information for various reasons.

How Does Stepworks Work?


Stepworks offers users the opportunity to earn money by completing tasks.

Upon registration, new members are ranked as free VIPs and receive a sign-up bonus of 700 naira, which is added to their wallet balance.

With this balance, users can complete two tasks per day and earn a bonus of 35 naira for each task.

This translates to a daily revenue of 70 naira for completing tasks.

To unlock more daily tasks, members can choose to purchase different VIP plans, each corresponding to a specific number of tasks per day and a different bonus amount for each task.

Here are the details of the VIP plans and their respective daily and monthly revenue potentials:

  • VIP1: Costs 840 naira

Get 3 tasks per day

Bonus of 117 naira for each task

Daily revenue: 351 naira

Monthly revenue: 10,530 naira

  • VIP2: Costs 7,000 naira

Get 5 tasks per day

Bonus of 385 naira for each task

Daily revenue: 1,925 naira

Monthly revenue: 57,750 naira

  • VIP3: Costs 21,000 naira

Get 5 tasks per day

Bonus of 788 naira for each task

Daily revenue: 6,300 naira

Monthly revenue: 189,000 naira

  • VIP4: Costs 70,000 naira

Get 12 tasks per day

Bonus of 1,833 naira for each task

Daily revenue: 21,996 naira

Monthly revenue: 659,880 naira

  • VIP5: Costs 105,000 naira

Get 15 tasks per day

Bonus of 2,100 naira for each task

Daily revenue: 31,500 naira

Monthly revenue: 945,000 naira

The payment threshold for completing daily tasks and receiving bonuses is set at a minimum balance of 700 naira in the user’s wallet.

Is Stepworkstime Still Paying?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this blog post, Stepworkstime is currently offline, and users are unable to access the platform.

This suggests that Stepworkstime is no longer paying its users. It is important to note that online platforms can face challenges and undergo changes over time, and Stepworkstime appears to have encountered difficulties with its withdrawal method.

Users have reported delays in receiving their payments, which has raised concerns about the platform’s reliability.

Will Stepworks Be Back Again?

While it is uncertain whether Stepworkstime will return, the current indications suggest that the platform is unlikely to come back online.

With the platform offline and users unable to access their accounts or receive payments, it appears that Stepworkstime may have ceased its operations and left many users without their expected earnings.

Investments and Risks in Online Platforms

When it comes to online investments, it is crucial to keep in mind that nothing lasts forever.

The online landscape is ever-changing, and platforms can experience difficulties or even shut down unexpectedly.

Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing your money or time in any online platform.

Always invest an amount that you can afford to risk, as there is no guarantee of returns.

It is advisable to explore multiple sources of information, read reviews, and consider the experiences of others before making any financial decisions.

By doing so, you can make more informed choices and reduce the likelihood of falling victim to potential scams or unreliable platforms.


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In conclusion, Stepworkstime, an online platform that promised to pay users for completing tasks, appears to have crashed or ceased its operations.

The platform is currently offline, preventing users from accessing their accounts and receiving their earnings.

While Stepworkstime initially gained attention with its attractive earning opportunities, it is crucial to remember that online investments come with risks.

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