Clickasnap Review 2023: Is Clickasnap Legit or a Scam

ClickASnap is a photo-sharing platform that claims to pay artists and photographers for uploading their photos.

It offers a large audience of millions of viewers who are interested in viewing, buying, and selling photos.

In this content, we will explore the legitimacy of ClickASnap and whether photographers can actually make money with this platform.

What Is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is a photo sharing platform that provides photographers with an opportunity to showcase their work and potentially earn money.

With 44 million viewers and over 1 million photographers, ClickASnap has built a sizable platform for photography enthusiasts.

ClickASnap offers premium members payment of up to $0.40 per photo view, which can add up quickly with a significant number of views.

ClickASnap allows photographers to sell their photos and prints online to a global audience.

This opens up opportunities for photographers to turn their passion into a side hustle and potentially generate income on autopilot.

How Does ClickASnap Work?

To get started on ClickASnap, users can create a free account and showcase their photography to other members.

This free account allows users to build an online portfolio and share their work with a community of photography enthusiasts.

However, to earn money from their photo views or sell their work, users need to upgrade to a paid ClickASnap account.

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Clickasnap premium:

ClickASnap Upload+, ClickASnap Seller, and ClickASnap Pro Seller.

  • ClickASnap Upload+:

This account allows users to upload photos and get paid per view.

  • ClickASnap Seller:

With this account, users can get paid per image view and sell photos as products or digital downloads.

The account also removes ads from the website for a faster browsing experience.

  • ClickASnap Pro Seller:

This account includes all the features of the ClickASnap Seller account, along with additional benefits.

Pro Sellers receive assistance in promoting their images on social media and through an RSS feed.

They also get credits to promote their photos on ClickASnap for increased views, unlimited cloud storage, and priority photo placement for maximum exposure.

It’s important to note that users need to pay for a seller account to start earning money on ClickASnap.

The monthly cost of these memberships ranges from $3 to $7, with a 40% discount available for annual payments.

Once a user earns at least $15, they can request a cashout through PayPal.

The Process on ClickASnap:

Clickasnap Legit

  • Sign Up: Create ClickASnap account for free, you can also sign up using Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail.

With a free account, users can browse images and upload their own photos.

  • Upload Photos: While it’s free to upload images to ClickASnap, a paid account is necessary to start earning income.

Users with a Seller or Pro Seller account can sell their photos as prints or digital files, in addition to getting paid per view.

  • Sell Your Photos: Along with earning money from photo views, users can sell their photos as prints or digital files on the ClickASnap marketplace.

The platform handles the payment processing and delivers the digital downloads to buyers.

  • Promote Your Work: ClickASnap offers various tools to help photographers promote their work and increase exposure.

Pro Sellers receive additional promotion assistance on social media and through the platform’s RSS feed.

Earning Potential on ClickASnap

ClickASnap claims to offer photographers an opportunity to earn money from their photo views, with potential earnings of up to $0.40 per view.

However, it’s important to understand that the actual earnings may vary significantly based on factors such as the number of views, the photographer’s pricing strategy, and the engagement of the audience.

The pay-per-view rates on ClickASnap start at $0.007 per view for free users, while paid members can earn up to $0.40 per view.

While this may seem like a good deal, it’s essential to consider the conversion rate from views to actual sales.

Not every view will result in a purchase, and photographers need to set realistic expectations regarding their earnings.

The minimum cashout requirement on ClickASnap is $15. This means that users need to accumulate at least $15 in earnings before they can request a payout.

While this threshold is relatively low, it may take some time to reach, depending on the number of views and sales generated.

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User Experiences and Reviews.

Clickasnap Legit, Customer Reviews

To get a better understanding of photographers’ experiences with ClickASnap, let’s look at some user reviews and feedback.

It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, and these reviews represent a range of perspectives:

  • Positive Experiences:

Many users appreciate ClickASnap’s user-friendly interface and the ability to create an online portfolio of their work.

They find it beneficial to have a platform specifically designed for photographers, where they can showcase their images to a large audience.

The potential to earn money from photo views is seen as a bonus.

  • Mixed Experiences:

Some users have expressed mixed feelings about ClickASnap. They acknowledge the platform’s features but find the earnings to be relatively low.

The requirement to pay for a premium account to unlock the income potential is a common concern.

Some users have also mentioned that it takes time to accumulate earnings and reach the minimum cashout threshold.

  • Negative Experiences:

A few users have reported negative experiences with ClickASnap, citing slow accumulation of earnings and dissatisfaction with the pay-per-view rates.

Some users have also mentioned technical issues, such as slow loading times and limited customer support.

TrustPilot, a popular review platform, shows a 4.3 Excellent rating for ClickASnap based on user reviews.

However, it’s essential to read reviews and consider different perspectives before making a decision about joining the platform.

Alternative Ways to Monetize Photography

While ClickASnap provides an opportunity for photographers to earn income, it may not be the most lucrative avenue for everyone.

If you’re a photographer looking to monetize your work, it’s worth exploring alternative options:

  • Stock Photography: Selling your photos through stock photography platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Getty Images can be a viable option.

These platforms have a broader reach and may offer higher earnings per download.

  • Freelance Photography: Consider offering your photography services as a freelancer.

You can specialize in various niches such as event photography, wedding photography, or commercial photography.

Building a client base and charging for your services can be more financially rewarding in the long run.

  • Print-on-Demand: Setting up a print-on-demand shop on platforms like Etsy or Society8 allows you to sell your photos as prints, home decor, or other merchandise.

This approach gives you more control over pricing and product selection.

  • Blogging and YouTube: Starting a photography blog or YouTube channel can help you build an audience and monetize your content through advertisements, sponsored posts, or selling digital products like photography tutorials or presets.


ClickASnap provides photographers with a platform to showcase their work, earn money from photo views, and sell their photos as prints or digital files.

While it offers an interesting concept and has a sizable user base, the actual earnings and success on the platform can vary from photographer to photographer.

Before investing in a premium ClickASnap account, photographers should carefully evaluate their goals, expectations, and consider alternative ways to monetize their photography.

Exploring options like stock photography, freelancing, or print-on-demand may provide additional income streams and potentially higher earnings.

ClickASnap can be a part of your overall strategy, but it’s essential to approach it with realistic expectations and a comprehensive understanding of its features and limitations.

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